We want to improve the world's nutrition by creating food that can be available to everyone and at the same time is good for our body, the society and the planet.

We are convinced that tasty can also be healthy, using natural ingredients direct from our soil that create more opportunities to local producers and respect the world we want to leave our children.

This transformation is the first step for us to build together the world we want to live.



Changing the way the world viewed Paraguay was the general goal we had when Mazzei was first conceived. The objective was to create high quality food with Paraguayan raw material, and at the same time to position Paraguay as a food producing country for the whole world.

We had to start at home because at the time 95% of the cookies that were consumed in the country were imported from other countries. This competitive context forced us to invest in the latest technology in order to be able to meet the highest international standards of quality and food safety.

After months of recipe tests, different raw materials, combination of flavors, and trying many, many cookies, finally in February 2012 we got to launch of the Adventure Cookies. Soon after we launched the Crackers, Merienda, Anillos and other products that now belong to the Mazzei family.

Mazzei's goal was always to give value to the Paraguayan raw material and been able to conquer the world with its national products made by Paraguayans. We saw that Paraguayan farmers had a hard time producing these raw materials without having a national market to sell to. We decided to start testing the  products with Chia seeds, at the time the leading product produced by rural farmers. We achieved results immediately, and growing in sales started at the same time that we were helping these farmers, we created a product that is currently leading sales in the country and is also being exported to other countries.

Quality and innovation are the pillars on which Mazzei was founded and we will continue working to create foods  good for our body, the society and the planet, and at the same time helping to position Paraguay as a high quality food producer for the whole world.






We use natural ingredients of our soil, that give opportunity to local producers and allows us to have organic raw material, free of chemicals and pesticides.

Around 1,500 producers of San Pedro area are in charge of planting, cultivating and providing chia to Mazzei. Thanks to the work of these families, we manufacture the only whole grain cracker with Chia seeds on a worldwide level.

The more we grow, the more they grow and vice versa. We believe that interdependence generates more fair relationships with society and the planet.


way of doing


We work close to the small rural producers to obtain the best ingredients and support the improvement of living conditions of the rural communities in Paraguay.
We select the best ingredients to bake tasty and healthy foods.
We optimize processes in our factory to have the less amount of possible waste and the best quality in the production of our foods.
Brand of Italian industrial machinery, ensuring the quality of all our products.
Compromiso y la contribución a los retos de la Agenda Global de Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas.

Los productos de Mazzei se encuentran en más de 23.000 comercios distribuidos a nivel nacional.

Galletitas dulces rellenas de crema,
sabor vainilla, chococrema, frutilla
Y chocolate, chispas de chocolate Y

Nuestra línea de productos
preparada especialmente
para disfrutar sin culpas.

Panadería artesanal

Galletitas dulces tipo
María sabor vainilla
y chocolate.

Galletitas dulces de chocolate,
coco y con chips de chocolate.

La nueva Chipa Pirú desarrollada
con ingredientes 100% Paraguayos
y por sobre todo frescos, asegurando
la calidad y el sabor de la receta original
que todos los paraguayos conocen.

The products are exported to
Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Australia,
Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Mauritius Islands.


Mazzei: 25% de crecimiento anual

Con la distribución propia, la diversificación de productos y las exportaciones, el crecimiento de Mazzei se colocó en torno al 25% anual desde su segundo año.

Producción de galletitas con materia prima nacional

Lo que se produce en el campo se puede industrializar y en Mazzei se emplea a más de 3.000 familias que proveen de materia prima para la realización de las galletitas.

Además en este material el Téc. Miguel Franco habla sobre la materia prima nacional y la producción conforme a protocolos de calidad.